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Mileage Logs and Automobile Expenses

Mileage Logs and Automobile Expenses

When deducting automobile related expenses, it is imperative that you keep a mileage log.  The IRS allows for two ways of deducting automobile expenses. Standard Mileage The first is taking the standard mileage rate.  With this method, you take the number of miles you...

How to Track Income and Expenses

Every year, it is inevitable that we have clients come in the door with pages and pages of spreadsheets or notebook paper where they kept track of expenses.  It can be hard to prepare a tax return with this information.   I am less concerned about the time it takes us...

How to Reach an IRS Representative

Calling the IRS might be one of the most frustrating experiences a person can deal with.  To make matters worse, it can be a true challenge to actually reach a representative.  The IRS does this by design.  They already have a lot of calls that come in daily, but most...

What are Itemized Deductions?

I am very often asked if things like charity, state taxes, and medical expenses are deductible against your taxable income.  Like most things in the world of tax, the answer is not a simple yes or no.  The answer is more of a “sometimes.”  When an individual files...

The Five Pillars of Tax Planning

Tax planning can involve many different strategies.  To understand the different options available to you, it’s important to understand what I call the five pillars of tax planning.  Below you will find the pillars that every tax planning strategy comes from....

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